Understanding pension limits as a hospital doctor and the Sláintecare contract

The article delves into the intricacies of the pension implications for hospital doctors and also focuses on the new Public Only Consultant Contract 2023 (POCC23). It explores the current allowable pension limits, the nuances of the new contract, and the potential pitfalls and confusions arising from recent HSE FAQs document as they impact on pension benefits.

The article also provides some practical advice for hospital doctors who are concerned about the pension limits and how to plan for their retirement.

Some of the key points from the article are listed below.

  • The current pension savings limit is €2 million (Standard Fund Threshold), unchanged since 2014.
  • Exceeding this threshold results in a 40% Chargeable Excess Tax (CET) on the excess value at retirement.
  • Consultants may increase their pension limit to €2.3 million under specific conditions through a Personal Fund Threshold (PFT).
  • The Sláintecare Contract poses risks for consultants close to or exceeding the pension threshold as it may negatively impact public service pension benefits.
  • A full three years of service under the new contract is necessary to fully benefit from the higher salary’s impact on pension benefits.
  • The article advises caution for consultants approaching retirement, emphasising the importance of understanding individual circumstances and potential tax liabilities.
  • It looks at the optimum retirement point for maximizing pension benefits while minimizing tax liabilities.
  • To minimize risk, the article recommends obtaining accurate pension projections and consulting with qualified financial advisors.
  • There is an expression of concern regarding incorrect pension benefit projections and the importance of having a clear understanding when planning for retirement.


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