Specialist financial advice for the self-employed, professionals and entrepreneurs

About Oakwood

We are Financial Advisors to a wide range of private individuals, domestic businesses/corporations and charity clients.

As business owners, as an employer, and as individuals with families ourselves, our financial requirements and objectives may be similar to your own. We harness our own financial experiences, and those of our clients, to help you to shape yours.

Our team includes Qualified Financial Advisors, Pensions and Investment Specialists. Oakwood Financial Advisors Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and is a Pensioneer Trustee.

Who We Are

Our experienced team provides a dedicated personal service with specialist expertise in pensions, investments and financial planning led by Managing Director Ronan McGrath.

Personal and business focused
We understand that seeking proper financial advice can be a big step and trusting a third party with your financial needs can be daunting. Oakwood Financial Advisors is a financial solutions based firm. We provide custom built financial advice to both individuals and business companies.

We get to really know you, your areas of concern and what your desirable outcome looks like before we advise on financial matters.

Our Team


Ronan McGrath, Managing Director of Oakwood Financial
Ronan McGrath

Oakwood Financial Advisors is expertly led by Managing Director Ronan McGrath. He has over 24 years’ experience working as a financial advisor and in management positions. Ronan specialises in retirement planning, investments, and taxation. Ronan has helped numerous clients achieve their financial goals and is passionate about helping people secure their financial future.

Sinead Duffy
Sinead Duffy

Sinéad is a director of Oakwood Financial Advisors. Her experience encompasses previous roles within a Global Financial Services provider. She managed large scale projects for multiple industries. This benefits our clients and our business.

Ciara Lynch
Ciara Lynch

Cíara, Office and Administration Team Manager has more than 17 years’ experience in the Financial Services industry. She’s a qualified Certified Insurance Practitioner (CIP) and a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA). She brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of retirement and financial planning to our team.

Bronagh Lynch
Bronagh Lynch

Bronagh is a Financial Planner who joined Oakwood Financial Advisors in 2017. Bronagh is a Qualified Financial Advisor and holds a diploma in Retirement Planning Advice. Her role involves working closely with clients on structuring investment portfolios along with Financial and Retirement Planning.

Katie O'Duffy
Katie O’Duffy

Katie joined Oakwood Financial Advisors in 2021 after working within a Group Pensions department with a large insurer. Katie comes from a group scheme background specialising in Defined Contribution Pension Schemes. She is a Qualified Financial Advisor and her role lies in administration support and customer service.

Caroline Coyle
Caroline Coyle

Caroline provides Oakwood Financial Advisors with her Compliance Consultancy Services. Caroline is a qualified member of the Compliance Institute. She is also an Associate member of Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland. Caroline has spent the last 19 years working in the Financial Services Industry both as an Accountant and subsequently in the Compliance area prior to setting up her own Compliance Consultancy Service. CC Compliance Solutions is run and owned by Caroline Coyle FIPA., LCOI.

What We Offer

Oakwood Financial Advisors is a financial advisory firm for the self-employed, professionals and corporate clients. We deal with clients from all walks of life, who have a variety of needs and concerns, but there are some similarities in what they are looking for. They want to protect what they’ve accumulated with our services which whilst ensuring their assets are working for them. They have a pragmatic approach to tax yet don’t want to pay more than they need to. Finally, they want to know that they can attain and maintain financial independence at a certain level, and ensure their wealth is available for future generations.

We can offer:

  • Protection of accumulated assets and ensuring they are dynamically productive.
  • Maintaining a pragmatic approach to tax and minimising tax liability.
  • Attaining and maintaining financial independence at a desired level.
  • Ensuring an easy passage of wealth to future generations.

Our Vision

1. We act with Integrity

We instil a sense of confidence and trust with our clients by providing professional, expert and sound financial advice.

2. Communicate Simply and Effectively

Our goal is to communicate in a fashion which ensures you understand the details. We work hard to shield you from complex analysis. We leave you fully informed and in control, void of jargon. This takes us more time and it’s not easy, but we know it makes your life easier.

3. Affordable

We focus on efficiency and value in everything we do. This allows us to provide a full wealth management service for a significantly lower cost than our peers. This covers wealth management, stockbroking and private banking areas. We deliver exceptional service levels.

Achieve your objectives

Not everyone wants to retire. Everyone wants the freedom to choose. Some would happily work for less money while doing something they love. Others would stop work tomorrow if they could, to spend time travelling or with family.

Things worth planning for

There’s enough evidence to prove that in any endeavour a well thought out plan significantly increases the likelihood of a successful outcome. Our experience supports this. Financial planning provides clarity to make informed decisions. It also provides the basis for an investment strategy that helps avoid the boom and bust of the next investment bubble. Financial Planning sits at the heart of everything we do for you. It’s the map that shows you how to get from where you are, to where you want to be.

Financial Planning sits at the heart of everything we do for our clients. It’s the map that shows them how they get from where they are, to where they want to be.