We protect what’s important to you and your family and help you plan for your future.

Individual Clients

We use state-of-the-art software to analyse and forecast. We look at your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. This analysis forms the basis of your detailed Financial Plan.

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Financial planning is as important during your working life as it is before retirement. Watch the video below to see how we will help you plan:

Retirement and Beyond

Yet financial planning is also crucial when planning for retirement and beyond. Watch the video below to see how we use our platfom for retirement planning:

Our Services

Retirement Planning

Tax reliefs for you
We help you to take advantage of the generous tax reliefs available. This ensures that your pension and retirement savings are invested in an appropriate investment strategy. One that is evaluated and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Our advice and services include:

  • Pension plans for business owners and self-employed
  • Employee pension plan options and AVCs
  • Options for existing pensions when changing jobs
  • Comprehensive retirement planning service
  • Accessing benefits from pension plans

Savings & Investment

Meet your needsWe are financial advisors with an in-depth knowledge of the range of savings and investment options available. We help you to select, implement and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the best options to meet your needs, including:

  • Cash deposits
  • Tax-efficient investment structures
  • Leading investment managers
  • Tax-efficient savings plans
  • Income strategies.

Self-Administered Pensions

We help business owners, self-employed individuals and key employees to take control of the investment of their pension funds. We provide advice and services on the self-administered pension scheme options available.

You are in control
We are a Pensioner Trustee approved by the Revenue Commissioners. We act as the Registered Administrator for self-administered pension schemes where you control how your pension is invested.

Wealth Management

We provide a comprehensive wealth management service. Significant financial arrangements, releasing you to tend to running businesses, careers and families.

The aim of the service is to assist you achieve financial independence; meeting financial objectives in a planned and structured manner. The stages typically include: Review, Strategy, Implement, and Evaluate.

Life Assurance

Appropriate, cost-effective insurance
The cost of life insurance is a necessary component of financial planning. Our role in this process is to ensure that you have the correct life insurance cover – at the lowest cost and structured tax-efficiently, where possible. The main types of life insurance cover consist of Life Cover, Income Protection / Disability Cover, Specified Illness Cover. We evaluate the level of life insurance cover that you need and review any existing life insurance you have in place.