We help businesses deliver best-in-class employee benefits

Corporate Clients

Our clients include businesses ranging from domestic SMEs to multinational corporations in the software, telecommunications, financial services, aircraft leasing, medical devices and hospitality sectors.

We help businesses deliver best-in-class employee benefits. We advise on and implement leading pension plan solutions for you as a business owner, and help you to ensure that your business is protected in the event of death/illness. We help your business to minimise tax, manage your cash and select and implement appropriate investments.

So, whatever your size or stage of development, we can help you to deliver an enriched employee experience, and help you to protect and maximise the value of your business.


Employee Benefits Services

We ensure you attract and maintain the right people for the right job. This comprises providing you with advice and services. It covers appropriate benefits for your employee – pension, life and health insurance plans.

Our advice focuses on your specific business requirements and circumstances. We take time to understand and review your preferences, circumstances and objectives. We consider your attitude to risk and the existing financial arrangements of your business.

Corporate Deposit & Investments

We help you to manage the surplus cash in your business by helping you to select, implement and evaluate the best options available, including:

  • Cash deposits
  • Tax-efficient investment structures
  • Leading investment managers

Our advice is centred around your business requirements and circumstances, and we take time to understand and review your preferences, your circumstances and objectives, your attitude to risk, and the existing financial arrangements of your business.

Executive Pension Planning

We help business owners and key executives to select, implement and manage executive pension plan structures.

Business owners and key executives can benefit from “one-person” executive pension plans in order to have greater flexibility and control on the level of contributions paid into the pension plan and on the choice of investments in the plan, compared to a standard group pension plan structure (as typically used for groups of employees).

Shareholder & Keyperson Life Insurance

The death of a shareholder/partner or a key employee can have serious implications for businesses, and in some cases can threaten the continued existence of the business. Life insurance can be structured and arranged in order to provide funds to purchase the share of a business from the estate of a deceased shareholder/partner, and to compensate a business for loss of profits or to cover business loans in the event of the death/illness of a key employee.