What we offer

Oakwood Financial Advisors is a specialist financial advisory firm for the self-employed, professionals and entrepreneurs with particular experience dealing with the medical profession. We deal with clients from all walks of life, who have a variety of needs and concerns, but there are some similarities in what they are looking for. They want to protect what they’ve accumulated whilst ensuring their assets are working for them. They have a pragmatic approach to tax yet don’t want to pay more than they need to. Finally, they want to know that they can attain and maintain financial independence at a certain level, and ensure their wealth is available for future generations.

What makes Oakwood Financial Advisors different is that we are “financial planners”. When we meet new or prospective clients for the first time it’s generally because there is a specific question about a financial product. We explain that we’re ‘financial planners’ and we’re not here to simply sell products. We aim to put together a financial plan for clients so that they can plan ahead.

We genuinely try to get an understanding of our clients financial needs and help our clients understand where their money is best placed to serve them both in the short and long term. We aim to provide a working relationship between all parties as opposed to a transactional relationship. This can include meeting with clients other professional advisors (accountants / solicitors) in order to ensure that have a thorough understanding of any issues and all aspects are covered.

“Not everyone wants to retire, but everyone wants the freedom to choose.”